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Qigong for the Autumn Equinox- Harvesting the Wisdom of the Season

Qigong for Autumn Equinox

At the Autumn Equinox, we are at the balance point between the shortest and longest, between night and day, the darkest and lightest, Yin and Yang.

The heat and fire of the summer represent the expansive Qi in its fullest and brightest expression. It is a time of growth and high energy. At Equinox, the energy is slowly descending and becoming the Metal Element. It will continue on its inward journey to the winter solstice and become the Element of Water, where the new seeds of Qi are nourished in the dark.

Being in the right relationship with the cyclical seasons of nature helps us work with and understand the flow of energy within the macro and micro cosmos.

A Qigong Practice for the Autumn Equinox

So, how do Qigong practitioners commune with nature during the Autumn Equinox?

This is a time to focus on what we have been working on and not bringing in new things but instead harvest what we have done.

Consider focusing on:

  • Consolidating what you already have.

  • Learn and integrate from what you’ve done earlier this year.

  • Finish and complete what you started last winter, spring, and summer.

  • Strengthen your realm

  • Build your defensive Qi- Strengthen your immune system.

  • Begin looking at what will become after you complete your tasks.

  • Allow yourself time to rest and restore so you can finish what you started.

  • Deepen and strengthen your healthy structures and practices so you have a system in place to support and sustain you.

Qigong for Autumn Equinox

Traditionally, this is the time of great harvest, to reap the gifts of your hard work. And traditionally, if you did not harvest those genuine gifts of food, firewood, and medicine, you and your family might not survive the winter. So, on a fundamental level, this season was critical to your survival.

Honestly, harvesting your inner Qi is just as important!

Winter is the most potent time to rest. Carrying too many unfinished, unresolved emotions, tasks, projects, and inner processes into the winter when you need the time to relax is very depleting and weakens your immune system.

If you are depleted and scattered now, you may not have very much focused energy to nurture the Wood Element energy that grows in the spring. The new life that comes from deeply nourished roots.

Looking forward and envisioning the next cycle, the Spring Equinox helps you keep your eye on the horizon line and focus on your clear path that leads to your most healthy life.

The invitation here is to receive the wisdom of the Autumn Equinox and, for the next few months, put your attention and focus on finishing what you started last season and harvest the gifts of your hard work and spirit. You will be able to rest more deeply in the darkness of winter and emerge even more brilliant next spring!

Qigong for Autumn Equinox

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Qigong for Autumn Equinox

Deep bows to you and your practice!



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