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Embody Your Inner Healer- Free Workshop

With Five Element Qigong

  • Starts Oct 7
  • Zoom

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Calling all Wise Women! Are you a spiritually awakening woman on a healing journey and navigating changes like perimenopause? Then you know your body holds wisdom, and when you can tap into it, you heal. You heal yourself and your lineage. Then you know your body holds wisdom, and when you can tap into it, you heal. ​ Self-mastery is the ability to own how you respond to life, which is vital to your healing process and well-being. ​ If you are interested in a simple path of self mastery and harmony that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit while imbuing everything you do with mysticism and vitality, then please join us! You're Invited to… Embody Your Inner Healer with Qigong the Wise Woman Way. In this 2.5-hour Online Qigong Embodiment Workshop I'll share a simple self healing Qigong practice rooted in the Five Elements of the Tao, that can be adapted to your specific needs. During our time together we will: 💧 Begin with an introduction to Path with Harmony, Wise Woman Qigong, and the Five Elements 🌿 I will guide you through the entire Five Element Qigong Practice (about 1 hour), followed by a short meditation 🌎 We will have time for journaling and integration ( short bio break) 🔥 As a sisterhood, we will have time to share our experiences and ask questions 💎 We will complete with a final Five Element Qigong flow (I have never shared this) This is an opportunity to directly experience the incredible gifts and guidance of Wise Woman Qigong as medicine for modern, spiritually awakening women on a healing journey, navigating change and transition. Join us and experience a sense of clarity, nourishment, centeredness, and a harmonious alignment with your most natural and radiant self. As you thrive, so does the world around you! Hugs and deep bows of gratitude to the Wise Woman that you are, and may your healing journey be blessed. Maria 🙏🏽 ​

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Arkansas, USA

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