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Qigong Is a Sacred Energy and

Healing Arts Practice

In Qigong, we move as nature, in a flow that opens up lines of communication with the parts of ourselves that need attention, love, and compassion. The energy of life moves through us as a frequency, revealing truths. The wisdom of our bodies speaks these truths not in words but in sensations. To hear these messages, we have to slow down and become still and quiet.

Qigong weaves us back to our true nature. Back home in our bodies. The energy travels through meridians in our bodies, like rivers and lakes, that need to be cleared, stimulated, activated, and attuned to the natural seasons and cycles.


We flow like rivers, rise like clouds, stand like trees, and dance like fire.
Experience the Healing Benefits
of Qigong for Yourself


This short quiz unveils your personal Qigong Archetype and Element, supporting you to forge an even more powerful connection with your inner healer.


Benefits of Qigong

When people experience Qigong, they describe it be harmonizing, strengthening, and healing. In our practice, we direct this healing life force energy to every area of our body to support us, so we have vital and healthy internal organs and bodily systems. 

Qigong's three primary goals are cultivating, circulating, and storing Qi. Cultivating Qi increases the supply of energy in our bodies.  Next, we let the energy flow throughout the entire body.  Then we store this precious life force energy, so we are fully resourced, rejuvenated, and restored. 

Simply put, Qigong increases longevity, vitality and promotes calm, peaceful, and clear mental and emotional states of being.


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"Maria's has total command of giving clarity around sacred agreements and around what was happening and how we would be held. She truly has a gift for holding space in a very sacred manner"

Sarah-Jayne Garner

"To be in a sacred space with Maria is to be held in the field of her wise presence. Her perspective on life, growth, challenges, and potential are both carried and delivered in a way that is light and playful yet profoundly life changing. This combination of playfulness and deep wisdom and care is wonderful to witness and a delight to experience."

Bentley Kalaway
Singer/Songwriter, Feminine Power Coach/Facilitator

"Working with Maria has been a transformative and nourishing experience. Maria's skillful and intuitive approach and her deep understanding of qigong's healing and wellness aspects have inspired harmony within my mind, body, and spirit. I feel rejuvenated after each qigong session. Maria is skilled at creating a sacred container for healing and self-discovery within a group while being mindful of individual hopes and needs. I have found a sense of sisterhood and support in her presence, connecting with other women on the same journey. I highly recommend Maria as a qigong teacher and empathetic guide for those seeking to connect with their inner Self and embrace a supportive community."

Kayley. W

Qigong practioner

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