Maria Chowdhury

Taiji & Qigong Practioner

My name is Maria Chowdhury, over the past 20 years I’ve trained in many styles of martial arts. In 1996, I started with Shotokan Karate in Hot Springs Arkansas. Shortly after I started my first Taijiquan lessons. While traveling in Central America, I was introduced to Qigong. Upon returning home to Fayetteville in 2000, I started training in Judo with Donald Oluett for 3 years. Stopping only because I became pregnant with Sequoyah. While he was little, my training was put on hold, except for my daily Qigong breathing practices.

Finally, Sequoyah was ready to train in martial arts and he and I both started our Black Belt Journey with Master Michael Felix in Tang Soo Do. Now we are both Nidan's and Jokoyo's (2nd-degree black belts and assistant instructors) and continue training and teaching together.  In 2014, I began training with Dennis Nelms, learning the Chen Taiji, Old Frame 74 movement form. And now most recently, I’ve had the privilege of training and learning from Erik Hardin and Dr. Yang Jing Ming in YMAA Yang Style Taijiquan. My teaching philosophy and experience stem from my teachers. Training with many teachers in different styles has taught me that a friendly, light-hearted approach to teaching brings out the best in each student. I like to develop a solid foundation by learning structure, form, and breath. Then string them together into a fluid, harmonized practice. Teaching both Tang Soo Do and Taijiquan has deepened my knowledge and love for martial arts. It is more than a physical for practice, for me, it’s a way of life. Walking the path of the peaceful warrior is truly a path with heart.

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