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Which Element Are You?

Element (1).png

Take This Quiz and Discover Your

Qigong Archetype and Element 



I offer you an invitation akin to consulting an oracle for guidance. This short quiz unveils your personal Qigong Archetype and Element, supporting you to forge an even more powerful connection with your inner healer.

I invite you to tap into your innate healing abilities. Connect with your breath and body, and let your intuition guide you to click on the element image that resonates with you most.


Rest assured, there are no incorrect choices in this endeavor. Your task is simply to select the image and phrase that speaks to you at this moment.

Once you've made your choice, you will be directed to a page where you can discover your Qigong archetype and access a complimentary Five Element Qigong class tailored to the element you've chosen. ​ 

Enjoy your journey of self-discovery and wellness, my friend!

I look forward to practicing with you!


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