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5 Week Series
Live Online Classes 

Monday Evening at 7 pm CST

August 22nd- September 19th


Tuesday Morning at 10 am CST

August 23rd- September 20th

All classes are recorded.  Every participant will receive the recording.

It's time to ground and regroup!

As a spiritually awakening woman, I've been asking myself what season of my life am I in.

I'm curious

Do you feel like you are going from one thing to the next without fully integrating first?

What is it costing you to stay in the go go go state?

How do you feel when you accomplish something? 

Do you celebrate your wins and harvest the wisdom of the experience?

Do you worry that you are not enough no matter how much you accomplish?

Do you trust your instincts and intuition to guide you?

Qigong for Late Summer is Important for Integration

From my point of view, we have a tendency to skip over this season.


And it's easy to see why traditionally, we have four seasons:


Spring- Wood

Summer- Fire

Autumn- Metal

Yet in Qigong practice, we have 5 seasons! Late Summer is often overlooked, and from my perspective, it is central to living a grounded, centered, and nourished life.

We are dynamic cyclical beings in many cycles at the same time. 

Sometimes our personal lives, businesses, and relationships are in cycles and seasons that may not match the seasons of nature. Sometimes things end in the summer, and others flourish in the winter. 

Practicing qigong for each season helps you embody what is real for you right now, and it gives you tools to integrate your personal experience with what is happening around you regardless of the season you are inAt the end of each season, the energy returns to the earth. 

Which season are you in right now? 

The 5th season is associated with the earth and equips you to work with all the seasons at once while staying centered, nourished, and grounded because the earth is at the center of it all.

5 phases.png

Would you like to feel more spacious, grounded, and nourished in your body?

Let me share with you a little about what to expect in our Qigong for Late Summer Journey

This is a one-of-a-kind transformational experience.


Qigong is an ancient shamanic and alchemical practice.


As alchemists, life is not just happening to us. We are creating our lives with intent and purpose!


“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” William Blake

Late summer is the season of harvest when we can take the time to rest and reap abundance from our hard work, and it completes on the autumn equinox, with equal light and darkness. It reminds us to come to our center and find balance while being fully present and rooted in nature.

Qigong is a practice that teaches us how to harness the gifts of nature and the seasons for personal growth and empowerment.



In this session, we are going deeper to explore how our Qigong practice can support us to connect with and gather the elemental energies of the earth to support our ability to:

  • To improve our digestion and metabolism to nourish our bodies

  • To integrate our emotional and spiritual experiences

  • To harvest the wisdom of our experiences and learn from them

  • To strengthen our ability to trust our intuition

  • To find our center and stay centered

One of the things I love about Qigong is how it helps us bring awareness to what is and isn't serving us.


Excessive busyness, hastiness, stress, and keep us in a go-go state, and we often forget or don't know how to celebrate our accomplishments. If we stay in that state, we are in an eternal state of lack and not enoughness.


This leads to depletion, and we lose our passion and shine. We get lost.

The late summer season corresponds with the internal organs, spleen/pancreas, and stomach, showing us that it is time to tune up and tend to these organs to improve digestion. As well as detoxify the mind and body's toxic residue from over-thinking and worrying.

The spleen is connected to our wisdom mind, also known as Yi. A healthy Yi remains fully present, attuned to the gut-brain and solar plexus, supporting healthy digestion. Connecting with nature's earth element is harmonizing so that the Yi Spirit can sustain a calm, clear, wisdom mind. While supporting our ability to listen to the gut-brain and trust our intuition.

Read my blog Qigong for Late Summer to learn more about how to harmonize your Yi Spirit and your gut instincts register to join the session so we can practice together!


In late summer, we practice the Bear form from the 5 Animal Sports. In Qigong, we practice animal forms to learn the skills that animal teaches us.


The Bear is one of my favorite forms because it teaches us how powerful we are and how to control that power. It gives us immediate feedback.


For example, when we take action from a place of disconnection, we get thrown off our center, vs. when we take rooted and grounded action, we can respond to the result of that action more gracefully.


Ancient Medicine People and Shamans used to observe the bear and watched what it ate. From the bear, medicine men and women learned about which plants were edible, medicinal, and poisonous.


The bear is a dreamer. And is connected to great inner wisdom and intuition when it emerges from the dream.


The bear form is associated with the earth and the spleen energy. It promotes gut health, healthy digestion, and absorption of nutrients and energy.


It also supports you to be more present, nurturing, relaxed, sociable, and in right relation with all beings.

Join us and follow along in a relaxed and supportive environment. This class is suitable for all fitness and skill levels. You can do the movements in a small space. It is intended for those who want to connect with their body, mind, breath, and spirit with soft, gentle, and motivating movements appropriate for summer's potent life force energy.

We will use Zoom to practice together. If you are new to Zoom, you will have to download the program. Click here for instructions. Allow at least 5 - 10 minutes to set this up before the class starts. You can choose to share or hide your screen during the session. It's nice to see everyone to create a group atmosphere. Stay after class for questions and discussion.

To join the class, choose the payment options and click the links below. 

The zoom link will be provided upon registration. 

What to Expect:

This is no ordinary Qigong class. These sessions are held in sisterhood and focus on psycho-spiritual and healing Qigong practices.  We learn how to cultivate, circulate and direct qi to promote a feeling of relaxation, expansion, and spiritual connection. 

We start the practice by setting an intention and end the practice by debriefing our experience with the group.


No experience necessary!

What to Wear:

Wear comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes.

What to Bring:

Along with your beautiful open heart, bring a candle, your favorite essential oil, your journal, and pen, have plenty of fresh water, and consider having a chair close by to sit down on if needed. 


Since this is such a deep practice that requires our full presence, if for any reason someone arrives late or gets dropped off the call due to internet issues, we will be able to let you back in the zoom room. But after we call in the directions, we are so engaged in our practice that we will not be able to let anyone back in. Fortunately, if that happens, you will receive the replay to practice along with. 


  • What is Qigong? Pronounced Chi Gong. Qi, mean’s life force energy. Gong means work. Simply put, Qigong is energy work to cultivate life force energy. In this program, you will learn simple yet powerful Qigong movements that will support you in embodying the transformational shifts that you are experiencing through the Feminine Power tools and practices.   


  • Is there a replay of every session? Yes, every session is recorded, and you will receive the replay link within 48 hours of the live session.


  • Refund policy-If you are not satisfied after the first session, you will receive a refund. Please email me so we can discuss this as soon as possible. I will maintain the deposit of $60.

Read our Privacy Policy


Qigong for the Awakening Woman is an initiatory process for spiritual awareness and awakening. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders or medical conditions. If you have any mental or physical health issues, please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program. This initiation requires breaking through old patterns and ways of being – an initiatory process that can feel uncomfortable. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional), is rigorous, and not for those who suffer from mental disabilities, depression, have suicidal episodes, or are presently in therapy.


Each initiate is responsible for their own actions and boundaries. Path with Harmony/ Qigong for the Awakening Woman and focalizer Maria Chowdhury is not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Initiates must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith. Initiates must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field. All such training is provided in good faith to the highest known safety standards or perceived practices within this discipline.

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