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New Years Day Qigong Celebration! 

Learn The Alchemy of Self Form and Enhance Your Guardian Qi

You're invited to a special New Years Day Qigong Celebration!


I'm teaching one of my favorite Qigong forms called,  "The Alchemy of Self " along with a powerful breathing technique to enhance your Guardian Qi.

My goal is for you to feel integrated and sturdy as you move into 2021.


New Years Day is the perfect time to learn and practice this form because it integrates us with all facets of your lives and with last year's victories, lessons, celebrations, and pains. 


Are you ready to step confidently into the mystery of 2021?


We don't have to have all the answers to be confident. Nor have our goals and new years resolutions all perfectly planned out.




All we have to do is bless the mess and show up as ourselves.

Remember no mud, no lotus. 

The Alchemy of Self Qigong form teaches us how to honor ALL aspects of ourselves.  

What to wear:
Dress comfortably.  You can be barefoot or wear tennis shoes. 
A water bottle or a cup of tea

What to expect:
This is a 90-minute online event on Zoom.  Come open to the experience with no expectations.  Allow yourself to receive the magic of the moment without needing it to be something different than it is.  Trust in the alchemical process of remembering your wholeness and deepening into your inner wisdom.
We'll open the circle with a humble bow to empty our cup, then honor the 7 sacred directions.  After a short warm-up, we'll learn the form -The Alchemy of Self -and a powerful breathing technique to strengthen our Guardian Qi. 


Now more than ever we need a sturdy and resilient immune system and to feel confident as we embark on our next adventure.

Space is limited to 10 participants.

Register now!

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