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Introduction To Five Element Qigong

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Five element Qigong

The study and practice of Qi is an incredible journey. Inside each of us is magic and wonder greater than anything conceived by human imagination. This life force is called by many names. In India, it is called prana. In Hebrew ruach, and in Chinese, it is called Qi. It is the animating force in your body that brings it to life. As you delve into the power of your life-force energy, you'll discover an inner adventure into the miracles of your body, mind, and spirit. Qigong uses the body as the vehicle of transformation; the same energy that flows through the cosmos flows through the human body.

Many ancient and modern sages have devoted their lives to the contemplation of Qi. Whole schools of thought, both Taoist and Buddhist, have focused exclusively on the power of Qi. As you become a student of Qigong, you will begin to unleash the power of this life-force energy within you. Your journey starts with the discovery of Qi for yourself. Your journey is less like a marked path and more like the invisible flight of a bird soaring through the air or a fish swimming through water.

It is a journey where healing, vitality, and deep peace are activated. The Taoist path is an exhilarating rush of lightness and levity, of depth and intensity, and ultimately it is yours to discover in your own unique way.

Five Element Qigong

The fact that you are reading this reveals your curiosity about the practice. When you find the treasure, you instinctively wish to share it. To become a student of Qigong is to become a conduit of energy. You have the ability to direct, store, circulate, exchange, and balance life's greatest gift, of which there is an unlimited source. Talking about this practice is like selling water by the well. These techniques are ways to work the pump and access what lies just below the surface, hidden in plain sight.

Your journey to Qigong will be one of discovery as if coming upon a sacred temple with many rooms to explore. You will learn the concepts of the Tao, the use of Chinese correction of opposites of Yin and Yang, the five elemental energies, energy meridians, and primary modes of directing energy. At the core of the teaching is a series of foundational movements and stances called "The Five Element Flow." These movements work with the essential five yin organs in the body and corresponding meridians. They are designed to circulate Qi and remove stagnant energy from these organs. These Five Element Flowing exercises become a physical formula for vibrant health and longevity.

In addition to the Five Elements Flowing exercises (water), you will learn exercises that follow the basic Chinese Five Element pattern:

  • Breathing techniques (metal) to bring in Qi to either energize or calm both the mental and physical bodies.

  • Warm-up exercises (fire) that move the blood loosen the joints and prepare the body for greater Qi transformation.

  • Stretching exercises (wood) that will open up the meridian lines, allowing greater Qi flow.

  • Standing poses (earth) that align the body to allow for greater fluidity and circulation of energy.

The Taoist masters designed these different kinds of exercises to work in concert, each complimenting the other.

These will become the material of your practice. You will develop a virtual "Toolkit" of techniques and the ability to know when to pull out the right method or exercise. In this way, you will gain the ability to empower yourself, giving you the ability to energize, calm, and revitalize.

Five Element Qigong

Watch these videos to understand Five Element Qigong's three layers of meaning.

Five Element Qigong and the Three Layers of Meaning -Jing

Five Element Qigong and the Three Layers of Meaning -Qi

Five Element Qigong and the Three Layers of Meaning -Shen

I look forward to practicing with you in our next Five Element Qigong Journey! Click the banner to learn more and register.

Five element Qigong

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