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Summer Solstice
Qigong for Love and Kindness

Monday, June 2oth, at 7 pm CST


Tuesday, June 21st, at 10 am CST

In this session, we will practice:

  • A loving-kindness Qigong routine to develop feelings of compassion, kindness, and love towards self and others.

  • The Lotus Flow: A Buddhist Qigong movement to open the heart and increase feelings of empathy, love, and connection to all beings

  •  Practicing these Qigong movements for a few weeks could increase feelings of love, joy, contentment, gratitude, pride, hope, interest, amusement, and awe in your life!

  • When we are in love states, we can improve our body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Qigong as moving meditation has been shown to reduce stress, decrease migraines, chronic pain, and PTSD, and activate the brain's emotional and empathetic processing centers so you can enter the flow state with more ease and grace.

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Qigong for Summer 8-Week Journey

Joy, happiness, and bliss are your natural state of being.  Yet, to be tuned into these higher frequencies takes practice and intentional cultivation.

Learn more about our Summer Qigong for The Awakening Heart Journey starting June 27th, 2022!

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