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Reframing "Father" 
Embodying Healthy Masculinity

Join our Online Temple Circle 
July 24, 2021
2 pm PST
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The focus of this sacred ceremony is to Reframe "Father", to clear old karma from our fathers so we can embody healthy masculinity and become aware of the gifts of your father and The Divine Father. 

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Dear Sister,

Do you often feel like you can’t make a mistake because you'll get in trouble or let someone down?

Or are you the “I'll prove it's possible to make it all happen" woman, no matter the cost?  Do you feel like you are constantly on top of everyone to keep a feeling of control or surety in what’s happening in your home/family/life?

Or maybe you want to please everyone in order to keep the peace?

The relationship you had with your Father and proving yourself worthy of his love and protection becomes the beliefs and stories you bring forward into your adult years. 

These beliefs tell you:
How you should behave so, you’ll be loved
How to please so you’ll be rewarded
How to think so you’ll be accepted
How to build your life so you’ll be successful

What you learn from the Masculine is “how to,” and it becomes a way of controlling and containing life if it has been projected from immature or shadow masculine energy.

12 pm CST

The Temple Experience:

In this Temple Circle, we will create a safe and potent alchemical container to disrupt these old patterns and limiting beliefs dominating our lives so we can transform or REFRAME them into healthy structures that support our growth and expansion.  The temple embraces us with empathy and compassion so we can vulnerably express ourselves to be fully seen, heard, and known.


We start with an opening and grounding meditation to connect us with our selves, each other and our intentions this ceremony.

Intimate Sharing

Temple provides us the safe container and opportunity to be held and supported by the other sisters in our circle.   

There is something powerful that occurs in the circle. It is through the eyes of the other women that we can start to see ourselves more clearly. This is the power of witnessing.


It is through the ears of our the other women that our words become magnified in their intention. This is the power of listening. In circle, we can manifest more quickly what we envision for our individual and collective future.

Embodied Movement

You will learn a Qigong form called "The Great Spirit Rising" to connect with the awesome power of yang energy and to harness it into our bodies so that we can reframe the masculine structures of our bodies from the inside out.

Sacred Ceremony

You will be guided through a process to help release the old karma of toxic masculinity and patriarchy that no longer serves you.   Then you will be guided to receive and recognize gifts from the Divine Masculine Father so you can remember who you are and move forward and co exist more harmoniously with the men in your life.

Sister now is the time to release yourself from the confines of what was expected of you and transform your relationship with the Masculine to allow yourself to be held, not contained.  Held in a way that lets you move and become free of these restrictions.  

When we harness the gifts of the Masculine, we can open up space to listen for what truly desires to be expressed and created within ourselves.  And we can use it to take up space in this world that is our birthright.

My name is Maria Chowdhury, and it is through my experience as a midwife I saw firsthand how loving and protecting men can be. Prior to midwifery, I did not have a healthy relationship with the masculine. I felt abandoned by my dad and have been reliving these unhealthy patterns as an adult. These patterns have negatively influenced the relationships with men in my life. Now I realize how essential having a new perspective of masculine energy is for our personal empowerment, growth, and ability to love unconditionally.

In this temple circle, we will explore your experiences with your Father and how this has shaped your relationship with the masculine.  Going down into the body, allow the Feminine to guide you in feeling all that arises so that you can move with it and understand the role it has been playing for you.




















You are wholeheartedly invited to join us in the divine masculine temple and if it feels right to you I encourage you to sign up right away because space is limited to an intimate group so each participant can share their experiences and weave their voices into the circle if you feel called.


 … Save your seat in our Divine masculine temple circle for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you.

Please note that  All ticket sales are final, and all tickets are in US currency.

Contact me if you have any questions or need more information.

I look forward to being in this sacred temple experience with you!

Deep bows of gratitude,

Maria Chowdhury

Is it time to make space for forgiveness, gratitude, and healing?


Are you ready to remove the barriers and walls that have kept you constrained and restricted for so long? 


What stands in the way of you receiving the gift of the sacred masculine? 

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