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Monday, March 20th, 7-9 pm CST

You're invited to enter the Path with Harmony Sanctuary, to call forth your feminine power, deepen your intuitive wisdom, and practice ancient Qigong movements that support you to birth your highest potentials and confidently navigate the unknown trail ahead. 


Here's why this is important:


As a self-actualizing woman, you may be noticing your life changing right before your eyes. You may feel like you are being called and beckoned to activate your higher potentials and remember your essence.

Are you noticing?

  • Shifts in your career, where you live, and in your relationships?

  • Your children going to school for the first time, moving out, or moving back in?

  • Your body changing hormonally?


These identity shifts are fundamentally changing you.

When we zoom out a layer, we can see how everyone is experiencing global pandemic, lunar cycles, hormonal, seasonal, and climate changes.  

Zooming out even further, like never before in human history, we are experiencing a massive awakening and shift in consciousness. Women are activating their power, stepping into leadership roles, and expressing themselves in unprecedented ways. 

Change, uncertainty, and confusion are part of the territory we're navigating daily. Qigong and Feminine Power are mindful embodiment tools and practices that keep us centered and in alignment with our essence as we birth our potentials and navigate the path into the great mystery of the unknown.



In moments like these, we become aware of how our life decisions influence us and ripple out and affect those around us.

Now is the time to make wise choices about our lives, not only for ourselves but for humanity and the generations to come.



During this 2-hour virtual temple circle, you will have the opportunity to step even more fully into your power and deepen your intuitive skills so you can discern the difference between your thinking mind and your deeper wisdom. This will support you to courageously choose your path on purpose for your highest good and the highest good of all beings.

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As you reawaken to your true nature, you embark on a journey of remembrance and self-actualization. Self-actualization is the realization or fulfillment of your talents and potentialities. It is the inner knowing that drives you to express and live your truth. This impulse, this need is present in all of us. 

As you self-actualize you may find yourself growing in eight key areas in your life.

The eight areas are:

  • Confidence and presence

  • Finding our purpose and calling

  • Deepening your love and relationships

  • Value aligned prosperity

  • Creativity and self-expression

  • Spirituality, meditation, and having a spiritual practice

  • Health and self-care

  • Influence and impact

In your life, you want to experience your fullest potential in all of the eight key areas of self-actualization. However, to effectively manifest your heart's desires and live a life that outwardly reflects your inner desires, you need to tap into the key area that is the most alive for you at this moment. 

Both Qigong and Feminine Power work with principles of cultivating the conditions for growth and expansion. Much like a garden in this journey, you are tapping into what is in season for you right now and cultivating the conditions to amplify the growth in that area of your life.

During This Free 2 Hour Virtual Temple Circle You Will

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Qigong is an Ancient and Potent
Energy Medicine Practice

Qigong weaves you back to your true nature. Back home in your body. The energy travels through meridians in your body like rivers and lakes that need to be cleared, stimulated, activated, and attuned to the natural seasons and cycles.

The soft, slow, and fluid movements promote a deep sense of connection, clarity, openness, and stillness. In this fully resourced state, you are better able to trust your inner guidance leading you on your path of awakening, remembrance, and love.

Wild Nature

Welcome to the Path with Harmony Sanctuary.

Here You Will Experience A Shift From Feeling:

  • Under-resourced to standing in your LOVE and POWER

  • Like you are taking a blind leap of faith to soaring with OPEN EYED COURAGE

  • Like you are thinking about what you "should" do to TRUSTING your inner knowing

  • Like you are always in your head to BEING in your BODY

  • Isolated and alone to being in CONNECTION with self, others, and all creation

  • Unworthy to embracing your DIVINE HUMANITY


"The sheer magic of the alchemical container held us all safely and with clarity whilst the transformational work happened. Maria is very skilled at holding space and creating meditations and practices that genuinely create change in the body, mind, emotions and group dynamic."

Sarah-Jayne Garner

"I see how much I need this work!  I loved coming together with other women and seeing how they are dealing with everything.

Maria's reassuring voice and clear intent made me feel safe."

Emily Harper


Presented by Maria Chowdhury
Midwife, Qigong Practioner, and Temple Guide

I midwife spiritual women during powerful life transitions. I support them to birth their highest potentials while staying aligned with their essence and connected to their power even in times of uncertainty as they navigate the unknown trail ahead.

As a temple guide, I hold sacred space for the extraordinary and arduous experience of birth and transformation to unfold safely and organically.

I am honored to enter this sanctuary and journey with you as you birth your highest potentials into being.

Monday, March 20th, 7 pm CST.
(5 pm PST & 8 pm EST)

Remember, this is a free temple experience, so bring your friends, moms, sisters, and aunties!

A recording will be available for a limited time.


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Welcome my love!

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I am deeply honored to get to share Feminine Power and Qigong for the Awakening Woman with you.  There is so much more I want to share with you. I created a series of short videos to ignite and catalyze the process of accessing power within you to unlock the blockages that are keeping you from standing in your power and being in the flow state with all of creation.

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