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Autumn Qigong 7 Week Journey for Better Breathing

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Receive The Gifts Of The Metal Element This Fall… In this Online 7-Week Qigong for Autumn workshop, I will share powerful Qigong practices designed to cultivate Metal and Lung Qi. The breathing exercises not only boost your immune system, fortifying your energy for the colder winter months, but they also support you as you let go of stagnant sadness in your body. Since The Metal Element and lungs are associated with the fall, the combination of breathing practices, flowing movements, and standing postures are here to support you in receiving the gifts of the season with your whole body, mind, and spirit. This workshop is for you whether you are interested in processing grief, boosting your immune system, or experiencing greater discernment and clarity in your life. Qigong for Autumn offers empowering practices to help you on your journey.

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