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Mondays, March 27th - May 15, 2023, 7 pm CST

This10-week online journey sanctifies and honors who you’ve been and who you are becoming as you birth your highest potentials and navigate the unknown trail ahead.

"Heaven, earth, humankind,
United in the path of harmony and joy,
Following the Art of Peace,
Across the vast seas,
And on the highest peaks"

-Sensei Ueshiba

You're invited to embark on a sacred and transformative journey to consciously choose your authentic path on purpose. 

During the next 10 weeks, you will have the opportunity to come closer to yourself and enter your sacred "body temple.


Where you will: 


  • Call forth your feminine power.

  • Discover and remove the false identities that are blocking you from standing in your true essence. 

  • Co-create with the universe to manifest your heart's desires.

  • Magnetize support as you navigate the unknown path ahead and leap into your destiny.

Together, we will practice gentle yet potent qigong movements to deeply embody the feminine empowerment tools that support your process of awakening and self-actualization.

You are a brilliant, beautiful, capable, and loving woman.


You are a brilliant, beautiful, capable, and loving woman.

I honor just how much you have already accomplished and how far you have come on your spiritual path. Your presence, skills, and talents are vital and needed in the world today. 

And this is why I’m inviting you on this journey!

Because as a self-actualizing woman, you may be noticing your life changing right before your eyes. And the goals and accomplishments you were aiming for might not be what’s important to you now.  

At this stage in life, it’s not the things you are doing and achieving that are as important. 

It’s who you are being that is more important now. You are seeking meaningful relationships, finding your life purpose, generating prosperity, and expanding your spiritual connections.

Ask yourself...


  • Are you experiencing shifts in your career, where you live, and are your relationships changing?  


  • Have you lost someone close to you?


  • Are your children going to school for the first time or moving out of the house?


  • Is your body aging and adapting to hormonal shifts?


Life experiences like these change your identity on a fundamental level.  


When you shift from seeking accomplishments to seeking self-actualization, you don’t need another strategy.  That is a masculine way of manifesting your dreams.  


To manifest your dreams at the level of self-actualization, you need to shift your identity and find the deeper truth of who you are and step into your new identity.


The old identity is no longer relevant and is holding you back.

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As you step into your true identity, you reawaken to your true nature and embark on a journey of remembrance and self-actualization. Self-actualization is the realization or fulfillment of your talents and potentialities. It is the inner knowing that drives you to express and live your truth. This impulse, this need, is present in all of us. 

As you self-actualize, you may find yourself growing in eight key areas in your life.

The eight areas are:

  • Confidence and presence

  • Finding our purpose and calling

  • Deepening your love and relationships

  • Value aligned prosperity

  • Creativity and self-expression

  • Spirituality, meditation, and having a spiritual practice

  • Health and self-care

  • Influence and impact

In your life, you want to experience your fullest potential in all of the eight key areas of self-actualization. However, to effectively manifest your heart's desires and live a life that outwardly reflects your inner desires, you need to tap into the key area that is the most alive for you at this moment. 

Both Qigong and Feminine Power work with the principles of cultivating the conditions for growth and expansion. Much like a garden in this journey, you are tapping into what is in season for you right now and cultivating the conditions to amplify the growth in that area of your life.

On this journey you will:

  • You will dismantle the #1 invisible barrier blocking nearly ALL brilliant, awakening women from fully realizing their greatness.

  • Determine which key area of your life, such as relationships, health, prosperity, or purpose, is most “in season” for you to focus on right now to cultivate the life you love.

  • Set a powerful intention that ignites a “chain reaction” of extraordinary results in every area of your life.

And experience a shift from feeling:

  • The need to accomplish another goal to feel worthy of love to standing in your WORTH just by being yourself

  • Confused to CLARITY

  • Under-resourced to standing in your LOVE and POWER

  • Like things are just happening to you to being in CO-CREATION with the universe

  • Taking a blind leap of faith to open-eyed COURAGE

  • Thinking about what you "should" do to TRUSTING your inner knowing

  • In your head to being in your BODY

  • Isolated and alone to feeling CONNECTION with others and a massive network of consciousness

  • Like you have to do it all by yourself to MAGNETIZING SUPPORT from others

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You are no longer who you once were.

However, you might not be sure yet of whom you are becoming. You may sense and feel like there is something bigger and more beautiful to experience. And you have a lot more to offer the world. Yet, there might be lots of distractions and options pulling your attention in different directions. 


It is sometimes hard to discern the difference between your thinking mind and your deeper wisdom, and sometimes it is hard to know which path to choose. 


I’m here to say that the impulses you sense and feel in your clearest moments are real, even if you don’t yet see how to manifest them into physical reality yet.


You are in a liminal space that is ripe for birthing your new self into being. And inside, you hold the answers to the questions you seek.


Can you relate?


When we zoom out a layer, we can see how everyone is experiencing body changes, seasonal changes, climate changes, and lunar cycles along with a global pandemic. 

Zooming out even further, like never before in human history, women are waking up and activating their power, expressing themselves, and stepping into leadership roles in unprecedented ways. 


Change, uncertainty, and confusion are part of the territory you are navigating daily. 


In moments like these, you become aware of how your life decisions influence you and ripple out and affect those around you.  


You know that life is not just happening to you. Life is responding to you.


Now is the time to make wise life choices, not only for yourself but for all living beings.

Hand with compass at mountain road at sunset sky in Kazakhstan, central Asia.jpg

You are at a crossroads

When you commit to walking the awakened path with harmony and love, what path do you choose?


What do you choose, my love?


You may see many paths in front of you. 


  • Do you continue down the familiar and complicated path of fear, lack, and isolation?


  • Do you choose to follow the simple path of love, beauty, and flow?


You may see the path that seems like the “right” way. This is the path you “should” take because it is the path of achievement and it will make others happy.


Another path may seem “selfish” because leads to your heart’s desires. 


Another path might just keep you looping in the same limiting thoughts, old identities, and false beliefs of shame, lack, and isolation.


Another may look alluring. Is it pure fantasy or is it your destiny?


You can trust the path when you look within.

The path of awakening and conscious choice is a rite of passage.


Qigong and Feminine Power can support you in choosing your path with harmony, love, and Self Actualization.


When you are standing at a crossroads, you need skills and tools to trust your inner wisdom. 


Qigong and Feminine Power are mindful embodiment tools and practices that keep you centered and in alignment with your essence as you awaken.  


The gentle yet potent movements support you to feel clear-minded and clear-hearted as you navigate the path into the unknown toward your destiny.


When you cross the threshold of who you think others want you to be and who you actually are - you initiate something powerful and awesome within you.


Initiations activate change and spiritual awakening. 


Remember, this is an organic and spiritual process that is unfolding. Ultimately the journey of self-discovery is the goal. There is no place to arrive and nothing to achieve for you to be worthy of love and to live the life you deserve.


"The sheer magic of the alchemical container held us all safely and with clarity whilst the transformational work happened. Maria is very skilled at holding space and creating meditations and practices that genuinely create change in the body, mind, emotions and group dynamic."

-Sarah-Jayne Garner

What to expect during each 90 minute group temple journey:

On this path of awakening, you will:


  • Be held in a loving and sacred temple space and alchemical container.

  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself and remember the deeper truth of who you are.

  • Expand your awareness of what’s possible when you live in a life-affirming universe connected to all creation.

  • Connect with others on a similar soul journey.

  • Deepen into intimacy and magnetize support.

  • Learn gentle Qigong movements specific to each session.

  • Develop new structures that support your growth, healthy habits, and decisions.


Are you ready to consciously choose your authentic path on purpose? 


This journey is for you if:


  • You feel an impulse for more than achievement.  

  • You are seeking a simple and spiritual path.

  • You feel alone and confused during a powerful life transition and are unsure of your next steps.

  • You desire healthy structures and grounded daily practices to support you in living life on your terms.