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Ready to make 2021 your best year yet?

Join us for Sistership Circle Day!


Dear sister,

We know you’re doing it all.  We are trying to keep a hold of the normalcy of our lives as we live in a pandemic.  Collectively we have faced so many challenges in 2020.   Some of you have lost your homes to wildfires, lost your career, business, and loved ones due to covid.  We have come face to face with racism and the dismantling of systems that no longer serve us.   And still, we try to keep going like life is normal. “busy” is the buzzword these days.

But what about sacred time for you? What about getting anchored and listening to the whispers of your soul.  I know you are feeling the changes in your mind and body.  Self-care and sacred time go beyond just 5 or 10 minutes a day.  It's a daily practice and sometimes we need a few hours to retreat and reconnect with ourselves and our community.  Most of us have been more stressed and isolated in the past several months than ever before.  

We've created a special gathering called “Unveiling Her Vision” for you because we know what it’s like to have a whole lot going on.

You need some space to slow down. You need sacred stillness. You need a container for your desires.

Especially as your vision making 2021 your best year yet. 

Sistership Circle Facilitators all over the world have co-created a day that grounds your vision for 2021.

We have created a container that showers you with support, love, ritual, journaling, dancing, and fun!


Watch this video I made about the event.

“Unveiling HerVision” is about you, the busy woman living in a global pandemic, taking time to nurture your Feminine.  (by going inward, calling in gratitude, connecting to your truth, opening up to receive, getting support) and then claiming your Masculine energies of action, clarity, and creating what you desire.

As busy and isolated women, some of this Feminine energy is missing… and that is part of what’s causing frustration, sadness, and burn-out.


Imagine … Space holding + Sisterhood + Support for your heart vision.

Imagine … Time to tune in + Time to reflect +Time to explore your truth.

Imagine … Feeling Clear + Confident + Committed to your desires.

Imagine … Sacred sisterhood + Safe space + Sharing and celebrating in sacred circle.

Visionary sisterhood is being remembered because it’s needed now more than ever.

As modern-day women, many times we are isolated, spending hours in front of the computer, living in a vacuum.


Who supports YOU as you support everyone???

It is your turn!

Are you ready to…

  • Ground into your vision for the upcoming year

  • Step into clarity

  • Connect to your body, voice, truth, and power

  • Come together with the tribe of ladies to feel the power of one woman/one tribe/one community

  • Share your vision

  • Celebrate the old and bring in the new

  • Allow yourself to be cocooned in a bubble of love

It’s time to release the stress, the worry, the fear, and step into your calling for 2021 with clarity, support, and love!

Ready to join us in the fun?

Save your seat now!

We look forward to setting the tone for the year to come with you!



And the rest of The Global Sistership Circle Facilitators

PS. This event is limited, so if your body wisdom is talking to you right now and telling you this is what you need— we invite you to trust and act on your intuition and join the community of amazing women ready to support you and your vision.

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12 pm CST

Bring a Friend for Free!

Your best friend, mother, and sister need this experience as much as you do!


When you register add 2 tickets to the cart. 

Use the code BRING-A-FRIEND and it's 1/2 price!  

*Please make sure I have your friend's name and email so I can contact her about the gathering.  (when you register I only get your contact information).

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