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 8 Week Journey

Live Online Sessions

Monday, March 27th, through May 15th, at 7 pm CST

All sessions are recorded.

All participants will receive the recording.

Spring Qigong to Revive Your Inner Maiden will amplify your ability to manifest and support you to find your center, stand in your power, and focus your energy!

This is a path of resiliency, abundance, and manifestation so you can bring specific and tangible results into your life.  


Welcome, to the Path with Harmony Sanctuary!

I'm so honored you are here!

As a mindful and spiritual woman, you sense and feel your way through the world. You are in a time of immense change and spiritual growth in your life. So many old ways of being are expanding, clearing away, and opening up for you. 

You want to BE present in the moment, yet there is this running checklist in your head about what you should be doing:

Spiritual Woman To-Do List (1200 × 2000 px).png

Now combine this list with your work and family to-do list.


Whew, that's A LOT on your to-do list, my love! 

It's easy to see why we are scattered, stressed, and overwhelmed! 


And yet an integrated and embodied Qigong practice can support you to do and BE everything on that list simultaneously with ease and grace!

Qigong is about being efficient and doing the least amount of effort to achieve the most significant results.


Let's not confuse the least amount of effort for being lazy or simply waiting for the universe to do what we want. It means being mindful, receptive, and working skillfully with the energy, not against it. 


Qigong Practice.png

Here's how energy might be showing up in your life currently.


You are struggling right now to focus and bring your sacred work into the world not because you don't have any good ideas and don't know what to offer. 

It's because you are good at so many different things and have so many options that it is hard for you to focus and know where to start to bring your projects to fruition.

Would it be helpful if you had support to know where to focus and what your next steps are in manifesting your potentials?

That's why I'm inviting you to Spring Qigong to Revive Your Inner Maiden so you can reclaim lost power and focus it to manifest your desires.

This is a one-of-a-kind 8-week experiential, embodied, transformative, and manifestation Qigong journey with an intimate group of spiritual women who are committed to their growth and conscious evolution. 

You might be asking, what is a Qigong journey?

Qigong is an ancient energy work and embodiment practice to ease stress and increase the flow state. We practice simple physical movements coordinated with your breath to induce a peaceful feeling in your body and focus your mind.


Where your mind goes, the energy goes. Wherever energy goes, it thrives. Qigong helps you consciously focus your energy toward your desires.

What do you consciously desire to create and bring into manifest form? 


  • Is it a healthy relationship?

  • To deepen your spiritual practice?

  • To unleash your creativity?

  • Improve your health and radiance?

  • To bring your sacred work into the world?

  • Greater self-love and compassion?

This process works for all of these areas. And more!


This is the exact process I practice to manifest in my life.


Join us to revive your inner maiden and get clarity about what is in season for you so you can focus your energy there.


When we come together in a sacred learning container, we amplify each other's energy and improve the probability of your desires manifesting in physical form! 

Cherry Blossoms
Qigong symbol

Why Do We Do This Specific Practice in Spring?

Spring holds the energy of the maiden, of wood, growth, and the energy of the Heiros Gamos, the sacred marriage of the divine feminine (Yin) and divine masculine (Yang) in their healthy aspects.  Earth and sky, the body and the spirit mind. With this beautiful green energy from the earth (body) and golden energy from the sun (mind), you will root deeply into the practical daily world to leap confidently into your future!


Spring is such a potent and practical time to practice the skills of self-cultivation and manifestation because nature is manifesting too! Nature is a part of our extended energy body, and we are also in the process of our desires birthing through us.

This subtle yet powerful shift in perspective helps us see that we are not simply gathering external ingredients or assembling our desired life.


We are generating it.

Cultivating it.

From the inside out!


In this 8-week journey, you will:


  • Enter the sanctuary and bless your body temple.

  • Revive your inner maiden by honoring and celebrating your menarche (your first menstrual cycle)

  • Connect with the archetypal energy of The Maiden, The Fool, The Pioneer, and The Lady of Communion.

  • Honor and reclaim lost power from your sisterhood wound that has been holding you back.

  • Deepen your spiritual practice and learn feminine manifestation tools.

  • Learn how to work with nature and embody The Five Elements and Organ Systems.

  • Learn the Generating Cycle of the Five Elements.

  • Learn the Controlling Cycle of the Elements.

  • Spring is associated with the Wood Element and the Liver.

  • Learn the associated meridians and energy channels for the Liver.

  • Le