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Menstrual Cycle Syncing with Moon Phases, Herbs and Qigong

Menstrual Cycle

In a world where technology reigns supreme, reconnecting with nature's rhythms is vital to our health and wellbeing. One ancient practice now becoming a trend and gaining popularity is cycle syncing - aligning your menstrual cycle with the moon's phases. In this blog, we'll explore the connection between your body's natural rhythms and the lunar cycle and how working with herbs, food, and Qigong supports this ancient practice for your modern-day life that is balanced and harmonious. 

The Moon and Menstrual Cycles

Menstrual Cycle

1. Understanding the Lunar Phases


Let's begin with observing how the moon goes through distinct phases - new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, and waning crescent. Each phase has its unique energy, and understanding these can provide insights into your own menstrual cycle.


2. The Menstrual Cycle Connection


In general, the average menstrual cycle is around 28 days, similar to the lunar cycle. The ancient and modern Qigong masters, midwives, herbalists, and healers know that syncing your menstrual cycle with the moon can enhance your overall health uterine health, fertility, and mental and emotional wellbeing. For example, the new moon is associated with new beginnings and introspection, making it an ideal time for self-care and reflection.


Menstrual Cycle

How to Cycle Sync with Moon Phases


 1. Track Your Menstrual Cycle

Start by keeping a menstrual calendar. Note the start and end of your period, and observe any changes in mood, energy levels, and cravings throughout the month.


 2. Align with Lunar Phases

Every night, go outside for 5-30 minutes and simply look at the moon. You don't need to do anything other than simply breathing and connecting with the moon. Do this for several months. Do not underestimate this part! It is so simple that people overlook how important it is if you want to harmonize with the natural rhythms of the moon.


From here, now that you've tracked a few cycles and made a conscious connection with the moon, you can start to observe the correlation between your menstrual cycle and the moon phases. You can start to bring in herbs, foods, and Qigong practices to adjust your lifestyle and self-care practices with the appropriate moon phases.

Menstrual Cycle


New Moon (Menstrual Phase): Embrace rest and introspection. Focus on self-care, meditation, and setting intentions for the upcoming month. This is the time for Dark Moon Qigong to support your body in syncing your menstrual flow with the moon. This practice is recommended for those who have an irregular cycle due to stress, imbalanced hormones, and depletion from overactivity. Even if you are no longer menstruating because of menopause, you still have a natural rhythm, and your emotional body needs to be able to gently cleanse and release even though you are no longer bleeding. 

You might like drinking Moon Cycle Tea during this time to support deep relaxation and dreaming, and if you do have menstrual cramps, it helps you feel better.

Menstrual Cycle


Waxing Moon First Quarter (Follicular Phase): As energy rises, engage in more active pursuits. Start new projects, set goals, and channel the increasing energy into productivity. This is the time to move your body and do more active Qigong movements like the Animal Frolics that stretch, coil, and purge the body of toxins. This is also the time to drink nourishing and adaptogenic teas like Women's Balance to balance your hormones throughout your monthly cycle.

Menstrual Cycle


Full Moon (Ovulatory Phase): Now you are in the most fertile time of your cycle. This phase symbolizes peak energy. This is often a sexy time when your libido is turned up and you desire to dance, socialize, collaborate, and embrace your creativity. It's an excellent time for networking and completing tasks. Now is the time for stronger standing positions of power and deeper stances. You can start the Three Circles Around The Moon Qigong practice for women to really harness and circulate this energy in their feminine bodies.


You might like to drink herbal aphrodisiacs to enhance this experience by drinking Lover's Passion with Damiana to support you in embracing this more passionate time.

Menstrual Cycle


Waning Moon (Luteal Phase): Begin to wind down as the moon's energy decreases. Focus on self-reflection, organization, and preparing for the next cycle. As the moon draws inward, so do you. You might not feel so sociable, and you might like to explore an herbal yoni steam or a soothing herbal bath as you turn inward into your own personal space. In terms of Qigong practice, now it's time to practice gentle flows and seated meditation to start to quiet your mind and let your energy settle back inward in your center to prepare for the next cycle.

Menstrual Cycle



Benefits of Cycle Syncing


1. Increased Awareness of Self as Nature


Cycle syncing cultivates a deeper connection with your body. By paying attention to the natural rhythms, you become more aware of your emotions, energy levels, and overall wellbeing and what you need. Each phase of the moon and your cycle offers a unique expression and timing of how you show up in the world.


 2. Improved Productivity and Wellbeing


In Qigong, we often say not to force anything. This does not mean you don't do anything. It simply means going with the flow of the greater cycles that are happening around you and letting the current of life carry you, rather than you going against the current. In so doing, aligning your activities with your menstrual and lunar cycles can lead to improved productivity and efficiency of your projects. Embracing rest during the menstrual phase and harnessing peak energy during ovulation can enhance your overall wellbeing.


3. Embracing Feminine Yin Energy


Cycle syncing encourages a celebration of feminine yin energy and an understanding of the cyclical nature of life. Embrace the ebb and flow and honoring the wisdom that comes with each phase is foundational to living an awakened life.


Cycle syncing with the moon phases is a holistic approach to wellness that connects you with ancient wisdom and the natural world. By understanding and embracing the unique energy of each lunar phase, you can optimize your lifestyle to align with your body's innate rhythms, fostering balance and empowerment in every aspect of your life. Try it for a few cycles and experience the transformative power of syncing with the moon for yourself.

Hugs and deep bows of gratitude to you and your practice,



Menstrual Cycle


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