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Qi Cultivation

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

In my first big garden, we had a strawberry patch. It was a huge double dug organic bed. In that first year, there were so many strawberries.

The following year, peppermint started growing in with the berries. That year we had an even better yield. I thought maybe peppermint and strawberries might be good companions.

In the third year, there was more peppermint than berries. And the fourth year, it was almost all peppermint with very few berries.

So what happened? How did my garden change and transform so drastically without me doing anything different? And how does this influence the rest of the garden experience? What comes next? Is this okay? It's not what I was expecting? What is more valuable to grow?

I mean, the care and maintenance or "the practice of gardening" was essentially the same. Every day, there was some version of weeding, seeding, composting, watering, tending, harvesting, smashing bugs, enjoying the plants, and communing with nature based on the season.

The plants didn't change. The strawberry didn't become peppermint.

The conditions changed. The conditions shifted to be more appropriate to catalyze and activate the peppermints' inherent ability to thrive and expand.

Cultivating different conditions leads to different results.

I'm discovering more and more how we manifest through our cultivation practice and how the practice taps into our conscious, unconscious, and intuitive knowing.

At that time in the garden, I didn't know how precious peppermint was. Since then, peppermint and I have become companions. Peppermint is my plant ally and has grown with me in my life, medicine, temple, and livelihood. Watch this video to see why I love peppermint and you should too!

Now, here we are, in our own Gardens of Eden.

I ask myself, what am I cultivating?

And I'm curious, what are you cultivating in your garden of life and spirit?

Both consciously and unconsciously?

Enjoy your practice and your garden my friend.

Until next time my friends, breathe deep and always walk in beauty.



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