Qigong for Spring- Grow, Expand & Bloom!

Updated: Feb 28

"Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light, and that makes them beautiful." -Jim Carrey​

In the Chinese medical qigong system, Springtime is associated with the Wood Element, when the sap in nature starts to rise up from the roots into the trunk and branches of the trees. The first smells and sounds of spring suggest that we are about to emerge out of the darkness. What has laid hidden and dormant beneath the surface is now waking up. The long dark days are replaced with crisp dewy mornings that illuminate the landscape. We are filled with anticipation of the warmth, sunshine, and the newness of life. The very air we breathe is fresh with new oxygen and vital life force energy from the young shoots and leaves that are starting to grow. Now, the seeds, bulbs, and roots we've planted in our life garden this past autumn and winter are beginning to emerge.

As the energy rises, it inspires us to clear space for our new life, detox our bodies and clean our homes. We want to come into alignment with this generous, life-affirming moment. The spring energy has momentum and is seen as forceful, determined to rise up and move forwards, yet we will remain supple and flexible as trees can bend in the wind with stable deep roots. It's time to take inventory and see what is blooming for you now? What is in season in your life? What are you aligning with? Growing toward? Who are you becoming?

According to the Five Element Theory, each season focuses on maintaining our internal organs' health and vitality. The Liver and Gallbladder are the primary organs of focus in springtime. They are yin/yang paired organs. Which organ holds color, sound, vibration, and emotion.

The emotions associated with the wood element are all about growth and feelings of abundance, generosity, and kindness. In our lives, we sometimes get so angry and frustrated at life and feel like we need to save ourselves and grip onto what is ours. It is tough to feel generous and giving when we are in this anger and frustration state. Through the practice of Qigong, we transform our anger that has gotten out of control and learn to skillfully wield it to rise up and fight injustice and to create positive change in our lives. Then we feel generous and kind again.

We will slowly begin our spring practice in February. Gradually we will incorporate more and more as the momentum grows. The energy becomes more powerful, especially during the spring equinox, the official first day of spring on March 21st. At this point, we transition to fully practicing the spring set and continue through March, April, and into May. In May, we slowly start to incorporate the Summer set into our daily practice.

Over the next several weeks, we will learn the beautiful Tiger form to nourish our Liver and connect with the wood element. This form connects us to our Liver's medicine and teaches us to grow, search, see, and powerfully claim our lives. So we can live more fully with clarity and purpose.

Join us!

Enjoy your practice this spring, may your roots run deep, your branches be wide and your canopy lift to the heavens!

Until next time my friends, breathe deep and always walk in beauty.



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