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Spring Qigong- Revive Your Inner Maiden

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In this 8-week journey, you will: -Learn how to awaken and befriend your inner dragon and use its force to support your spiritual awakening. -Enter the sanctuary and bless your body temple. -Revive your inner maiden by honoring and celebrating your menarche (your first menstrual cycle) -Connect with the archetypal energy of The Maiden, The Fool, The Pioneer, and The Lady of Communion. -Honor and reclaim lost power from your sisterhood wound that has been holding you back. -Deepen your spiritual practice and learn feminine manifestation tools. -Learn how to work with nature and embody The Five Elements and Organ Systems. -Learn the Generating Cycle of the Five Elements. -Learn the Controlling Cycle of the Elements. -Spring is associated with the Wood Element and the Liver. -Learn the associated meridians and energy channels for the Liver. -Learn the Healing Sounds and Colors. -Learn the light and shadow emotions held in the Liver. -Learn the Tiger Form a 5,000 old Chinese Medical Form from The Five Animal Sports Qigong lineage. -Embody the living symbol of the Tree of Life. -Learn self-healing massage and tapping techniques to harmonize yourself to bring more clarity and focus. -Explore and release the blocks that prevent you from expressing your creativity. -Power up your practice!

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