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8 Week Series
Live Online Sessions 

Monday Evening at 7 pm CST

June 5th - July 24th

All classes are recorded.  Every participant will receive the recording.

Welcome to the Path with Harmony Sanctuary!

Calling in the mystics, counselors, healers, priestesses, and medicine women!

Are you ready to reveal your Three Treasures?


In the Flower to Flame Three Treasures Journey, we are traveling through the flame of our hearts to reveal the Three Treasures.  As we embark, the light of the beautiful full strawberry moon illuminates our path, which leads through the summer solstice, where the yang energy rises, and the radiant light of love shines through every crack and crevice of our being. 

This is an epic journey of love!

The great romance between you and the divine.


Along the way, you will learn a complete system for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being using simple, healing Qigong movements and meditations.

We will work with an ancient practice and make it a practical and grounded method of wellness and vitality based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Buddhist and Taoist Qigong practices. 

What are The Three Treasures?

The Three Treasures (San Bao), also called the three marvels. Jing, Qi, and Shen represent the energy of the body, the energy of the heart and emotions, and the energy of the mind, consciousness, and spirit.

Together, the Three Treasures help us answer the three fundamental questions of life:

  • Where Am I?

  • What Do I Want?

  • Who Am I?

daoist philosophy.png

"At the center of your being you have the answer;
you know who you are
and you know what you want."

- Lao Tzu

In the Three Treasures journey, you will learn a complete system for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health using simple, healing Qigong movements and meditations.

We will work with an ancient practice and make it a practical and grounded method of wellness and vitality based on Taoist Cosmology and Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong practices. 


As you deepen your Three Treasures Qigong practice, you begin to see that these three energies are all actually one energy… flowing and manifesting into different forms, much like ice, water, and vapor.


When you understand this, you can learn how to work skillfully with each of these energies and unlock their healing properties.



In this journey, you will learn practices like Small Circulation Breathing (also known as the "Microcosmic Orbit" or “Small Heavenly Circle”).

The Microcosmic Orbit breathing practice supports you in increasing your internal energy by circulating the energy through your body. Resulting in elevated states of consciousness, creating a calm, clear, and relaxed mind.  

It also draws the energy down the front of your body to infuse your heart with healing Qi… which will help you to access the power of your open heart and feel more compassion, lightness, joy, and love.

And finally, the practice brings the energy back down into your body to generate health, vitality, stamina, endurance, and energy.

The Microcosmic Orbit is just one of the many practices, meditations, and Qigong flows you’ll learn in this journey!


"Maria is full of embodied feminine wisdom to share! I’ve been acquainted with her for many years, love her herbal offerings, and am so glad that she is now teaching Qi Gong. Qi Gong has long been a favorite of mine, and I’ve enjoyed many classes from different teachers. In Maria’s classes, I'm always pleased and enriched by her unique and heartfelt ways of sharing this ancient form of healing. Thank you, Maria, you bring a new life to this practice!" 

Barbara Hannelore
Author, Artist, Mentor

In this 8 week Journey, you will:

  • Enter the sanctuary and bless your body as a temple.

  • Be in sisterhood.

  • Learn simple, practical, and healing Qigong warm-ups, stretches, flows, and mediations.

  • Learn how to work with the fire element and season of summer

  • Learn the Microcosmic Orbit

  • Learn how to work with the three realms of power.

  • Learn the principles of Qigong and why it is so healing

  • Have a direct experience of your own power, body wisdom, emotional freedom, and higher knowing

  • Work with the sexual energy of the body

  • Work the emotional energy of the heart

  • Work with the spiritual energy of the mind

  • Learn to focus your attention, intention, and awareness

  • Cultivate present-moment awareness as a skill 

  • Create healthy, energetic boundaries as a field so protection around you.

  • Power up your Qigong practice!

  • Deepen your spiritual practice.

  • And so much more!

"Working with Maria has been a transformative and nourishing experience. Maria's skillful and intuitive approach and her deep understanding of qigong's healing and wellness aspects have inspired harmony within my mind, body, and spirit. I feel rejuvenated after each qigong session. Maria is skilled at creating a sacred container for healing and self-discovery within a group while being mindful of individual hopes and needs. I have found a sense of sisterhood and support in her presence, connecting with other women on the same journey. I highly recommend Maria as a qigong teacher and empathetic guide for those seeking to connect with their inner Self and embrace a supportive community."

-Kayley Walkder

“Maria helps me connect to my body’s own energy flow, enhancing my physical and mental awareness that clears away energy blocks keeping my stress and emotions in balance.  The movements allow increased circulation enabling a stronger immune system to flourish, providing a great benefit to me during this time of uncertainty.  Maria’s class makes you feel at peace when you leave, no matter what is going on around you.”

Sandra  Parrotte

Awakening Heart (Facebook Event Cover) (1).png

"Maria has total command of giving clarity around sacred agreements and around what was happening and how we would be held. She truly has a gift for holding space in a very sacred manner"

Sarah Jayne-Garner

Heart Contribution: $333

What's Included:

  • 8 live online Qigong sessions that are held within our sanctuary as sacred ceremonies.

  • A dedicated Learning Portal to hold replays, teaching materials, guided mediations, practice notes, and bonuses.

  • Q/A and debrief and meaningful discussion with Maria and the other sisters.

  • Dedicated Facebook Group for processing, deepening, and support.

  • Belong to a sisterhood of women who share your same commitment to their personal best.



  • Sanctuary of The Awakening Heart Temple Ceremony -Live

    • Friday, June 16th at 7 pm CST.

  • Re-Framing The Father Temple Ceremony- Live

    • Saturday, July 15th at 12 pm CST.

These are public ceremonies, and you are encouraged to invite your friends.

These appear on your learning portal.​

  • Transforming Ice into Vapor Meditation

  • Introduction to Healing Sounds

  • Primer on Qigong pdf

Enroll in
Three Treasures

I'm honored to walk this path with you!
Our journey begins on:
Monday Evening, June 5
th at 7 pm CST

The admission fee for this course is $333


Select an item ($)

Deep bows of gratitude to you and your practice, thank you for registering!

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Meet Your Guide:

Maria Chowdhury

Medicine Woman, Midwife, Qigong Practitioner,

and Sacred Ceremonialist

My twenty years as a homebirth midwife, herbalist,

meditator and martial artist has prepared me to hold

potent medicine and sacred space. 


Currently, I midwife spiritual women in the midst of powerful life transitions and support them to navigate the trail ahead to stay aligned with their essence and connect to their power even in times of uncertainty and confusion.

As a temple guide, I hold sacred space for the extraordinary and arduous experience of birth and transformation to unfold safely and organically.


During this journey, I’m bringing forth the teachings of my mentor Teresa Elder who taught me how to “be” a midwife with a smile and a light heart full of humor. 


My mentor, Dr. Claire Zammit, who taught me the Feminine Power framework, and Elayne Kalila of Priestess Presence, showed me how to walk as a loving temple guide in the modern world. 


Finally, my beloved taiji and qigong teachers from YMAA who taught me the art and practice of Medical Qigong. I am currently in the process of becoming a certified teacher Lee Holdings Qigong Teacher Training Program.

The Path with Harmony sanctuary is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and is directly on the Trail of Tears that the Cherokee walked.  


My daily hikes are on the earth path of Mount Kessler, the ancestral lands of the Caddo and Osage peoples, and I intend to honor them, their sacred lands, and medicine.


Common FAQ's


Join us and follow along in a relaxed and supportive environment.


This class is suitable for all fitness and skill levels. You can do the movements in a small space. 

We will use Zoom to practice together. If you are new to Zoom, you will have to download the program. Click here for instructions. Allow at least 5 - 10 minutes to set this up before the session starts. You can choose to share or hide your screen during the session. It's nice to see everyone create a group atmosphere.

The Zoom link and access to your learning portal will be provided after you register.

What to Expect:

This class focuses on psycho-spiritual and healing Qigong practices.  We learn how to cultivate, circulate and direct qi to promote a feeling of relaxation, expansion, and spiritual connection. 

No experience necessary! 

What to Wear:

Wear comfortable workout clothes and tennis shoes.

What to Bring:


Along with your beautiful open heart, bring a candle, your favorite essential oil, your journal, and a pen have plenty of fresh water, and consider having a chair close by to sit down on if needed. 


Since this is such a deep practice that requires our full presence, if for any reason someone arrives late or gets dropped off the call due to internet issues, we will be able to let you back in the Zoom room. But 15 minutes after we start, we are so engaged in our practice that we will not be able to let anyone back in. Fortunately, if that happens, you will receive the replay to practice along with. 

What is Qigong? Pronounced Chi Gong. Qi, means life force energy. Gong means work. Simply put, Qigong is energy work to cultivate life force energy. In this program, you will learn simple yet powerful Qigong movements that will support you in embodying the transformational shifts that you are experiencing through the Feminine Power tools and practices.   

Learn more about Qigong and what to expect in each session HERE.


Is there a replay of every session? Yes, every session is recorded, and you will receive the replay link within 72 hours of the live session.


Refund policy-If you are not satisfied after the first session; you will receive a refund. Please email me so we can discuss this as soon as possible. I will maintain the deposit of $75.

Read our Privacy Policy


Qigong for the Awakening Woman is an initiatory process for spiritual awareness and awakening. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders or medical conditions. If you have any mental or physical health issues, please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program. This initiation requires breaking through old patterns and ways of being – an initiatory process that can feel uncomfortable. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional), is rigorous, and not for those who suffer from mental disabilities, depression, have suicidal episodes, or are presently in therapy.


Each initiate is responsible for their own actions and boundaries. Path with Harmony/ Qigong for the Awakening Woman and focalizer Maria Chowdhury is not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Initiates must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith. Initiates must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field. All such training is provided in good faith to the highest known safety standards or perceived practices within this discipline.

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