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Winter Qigong (Restore-Remember-Rebirth)

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This 8-week online journey honors and sanctifies the season of winter and the water path as you journey inward to the deepest parts of yourself to restore, remember, and rebirth as your true essence. Knowing you trust yourself, you belong, and can say yes to life as you navigate into the unknown. You are invited to embark on a transformational journey deep into the ancient and living waters of remembrance to be reborn. In this journey, you will: -Follow the water path to embrace your deepest yin nature. -You will meet and learn from The Philosopher, the Qigong archetype of winter, and the water element. ​ -Go into the fertile cosmic womb of the great mother filled with the nourishing rich darkness to remember your essence as you connect with your womb blood and/or womb space. ​ -Connect with your ancestors, and honor your place of belonging in your family constellation. I will guide you to meet the ancestors of your blood, breath, and bones. This helps solidify your sense of belonging to a tribe. ​​​ -From there, I will midwife you through your rebirth experience. You will reconnect with your umbilical cord blood, which contains your Jing Qi or (Preheavenly Qi). ​ -After you are born, you will re-establish, rewire and reconnect your energy pathways (Ren Mai Channel) in your body that may or may not have happened naturally at your actual birth. ​ -Next, you will connect with your Door of Life and your Kidneys.

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