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Red Tent Gatherings

There are many types of Red Tents gatherings.  Some gatherings are spaces for women to be women. Their only agenda is to support each other and restore our energy. These gatherings are not facilitated. They are open, organic, and best held in person.  

Other gatherings have a theme that stitches the women together like a golden thread.  In the tent, women sit eye to eye, heart to heart, womb to womb in ceremony as a circle.

Finally, some gatherings are intended for profound teachings and transformation.  These gatherings are a blend of ceremony and workshop.

All gatherings are a safe place to share our womb stories, our stories of menstruation from menarche through menopause.  Here we share our fertility journey and birth stories, miscarriages, VBACs, C-sections, losses, and victories.  We share how we defeated cancer or took care of a sister who is facing an incredible challenge. The tent holds us to explore sexuality, sensuality, spirituality, magic, healing, and co-creative feminine power.

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