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Is Your Metal Element Out Of Balance?  Here are 6 Signs That It's Time To Harmonize!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

In our most recent blog, we explored the Metal Element and learned how to work skillfully with it. After reading it, someone asked me how do you know if your Metal Element is balanced or not.

Well, that, my friend, is a great question! I'd love to explore in more depth with you so you can understand the Metal Element better and know why I'm even bringing it to your awareness.

In my life, working harmoniously with the elements helps me know myself better. Here is what I discovered on the Path of Harmony and how my Qigong practice is a practical tool that helps me discern what I can and cannot control, make clear decisions, and be better able to have space for other people's perspectives in my life.

Let's find out if your Metal Element is balanced, excessive, or deficient. Learn why it matters and what you can do about it.

Let's find out if your Metal Element is balanced, excessive, or deficient. Learn why it matters and what you can do about it.

Be honest. Do you ever feel like you're a perfectionist? Is it challenging to adjust your plans spontaneously? It could indicate that our Metal Element might be out of balance.

Like each of the Elements, the Metal Element offers its own unique ways to help you thrive and be in harmony with natural rhythms and cycles of nature. When the Metal Element is in harmony, it's easier to feel at peace with yourself and others.

However, if you end up with an excess or deficiency of the Metal Element, your internal energy system gets distorted and creates unnecessary stress in your life.

1. Always Perfect (Excess)

The Metal Element helps you set clear goals and stick to your intentions. While this is a wonderful attribute, it can become a problem if you take it to the extreme.

If you have an excess of the Metal, you may find that whatever you (or others) create isn't quite good enough. For example, maybe you're planning a trip and become frustrated because some of the minor details don't quite align. Or, perhaps, you're working on a project with colleagues and never fully satisfied with how the project is evolving. Or you keep reworking the banner on your website to make it perfect.

2. Continuously Feeling Sad Or Depressed (Deficiency)

The Metal Element provides fresh and inspiring energy and excitement for life with each breath. Therefore, if you have a Metal Element deficiency, your emotions may spiral down into the pits, leaving you with a heavy feeling of sadness.

Chronic sadness or depression are indications that your Metal Element is deficient. If you find that minor mishaps feel like monumental setbacks, there's a good chance that your Metal Element is out of balance. Similarly, if you can't find the emotional energy to engage with life in a fulfilling way, that's another indication of a Metal deficiency. Taking a step back and gaining perspective can create enough space to inspire you to take meaningful steps to rebalance your energy.

3. Overly Controlling Or Rigid (Excess)

People rich in Metal Element have a clear vision of how things "should" be. Although clarity has many benefits, it can also create issues if you're not able to be flexible at times. Clarity without flexibility can lead to rigidity.

People who have excess Metal can tend to be overly controlling or rigid. For example, it might be difficult to compromise when working with others. Instead of listening and considering others' feelings, ideas, and opinions, people with excess Metal tend to focus on advancing their own ideas and intentions above all others. As you can see, working closely with someone with an excess of Metal Element is very challenging.

4. Lack Of Clarity (Deficiency)

On the other hand, people who have a Metal Element deficiency may experience a significant lack of clarity. Even small decisions that don't have significant consequences are difficult to make for someone who is Metal deficient. Deciding which restaurant to go to, what outfit to wear, or whether or not they should follow through with plans can be a real struggle. Making these kinds of decisions can even cause significant stress and anxiety for those deficient in Metal Element. Their stress is exponentially amplified for more significant life decisions around work, relationships, or their next big step. Sometimes, these choices can seem so overwhelming that people become anxious and overwhelmed. If you find it difficult to make such choices, that could signify a Metal deficiency.

5. Unable to be Spontaneous (Excess)

Because the Metal Element gravitates toward order, organization, and clear, intentional plans, those with excess Metal may find it difficult to be spontaneous. If an opportunity pops up at the last minute, they may pass on it simply because it fits outside their current plans.

As practical and responsible as it may be to establish plans, sometimes life gives you unforeseen gifts of new ideas and opportunities that reveal themselves. It may be an unexpected travel opportunity. Or, maybe you meet that gorgeous potential life partner at a time when you want to be alone. Yes, it is essential to be thoughtful and intentional with your decisions, AND it's wise to be free and open to the unexpected treasures that life offers you!

6. Feeling Unmotivated Or "Numb" (Deficiency)

If you often feel ho-hum, unmotivated, or "numb" to what's happening in your life, it's a possible indication that you have a Metal deficiency. For example, suppose a specific activity used to lite you up and get your juices flowing but now makes you feel indifferent or apathetic. In that case, you may be experiencing a Metal Element deficiency.

Of course, we all change over time; our interests and passions go in and out of season. So as we inquire and self reflect, a good question can be whether your lack of motivation is based on natural shifts and growth or whether there is something deeper that is lacking that needs to be changed.

Now that you have some ways to self identify if your Metal Element is in balance, excess, or deficient. If you are already in balance, then keep it up! The ways you are taking care of yourself are working!

What are your next steps?

If you determine that you have an excess or deficiency of Metal, the next step is to reharmonize your system. One of the best ways to do this is to slow down, breathe deep, look inward, and rebalance your internal energy systems with Qigong practice. Qigong is a wonderful practice for helping you reconnect to the inspiring aspects of life, keeping you clean and clear while having enough internal space for other people's ideas and opinions. This new spaciousness also creates opportunities to recognize when life offers you a surprise gift.

Balance Your Metal Element Using Qi Gong Practices

If you're interested in learning powerful Qigong practices to cultivate and balance your Metal Element, check out Qigong for Autumn Series!

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Credit, I’d like to honor Lee Holden for teaching me about the Metal Element. See Related Blogs

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