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Embody Your Inner Healer
A Year-Long Online Qigong Transformational Journey
For Spiritual Women To Connect With Their Intrinsic Power
In Times of Change and Transition 
Starting October 30th, 2023

The Invitation

The Invitation

Practice Qigong to Stay Connected to All Your Sources and Live Awake!

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Hail and welcome,


All Healers, counselors, Medicine Women, Priestesses, Birth Keepers, Coaches, Sacred Space Holders, Transformational Guides, and Alchemists!

Welcome home, soul sister!


I greet you with a humble bow, a gentle smile, and a warm heart. 

My name is Maria Chowdhury, and I'm the steward of the Path with Harmony Sanctuary, where we practice Qigong for the Awakening Woman.

Here, we tend to care for our bodies as sacred holy temples.


We tune our bodies as instruments of healing for ourselves and the collective.


We listen to our bodies as wise oracles.


Here, we cultivate the conditions of a thriving sisterhood to support and amplify our soul-polishing and sacred service in the world.


Here, we learn to live with compassion and love.


Why This Journey?

This is an emerging path of freedom, of embodied ecstatic wisdom, grounded in practical energy tools, skills, and Qigong frameworks so you can navigate change and share more of your gifts, talents, and love with the world while following the Tao and being fully resourced, with healthy boundaries, and not feeling depleted.

Why Online?

Peace Maker.png

"To be in a sacred space with Maria is to be held in the field of her wise presence. Her perspective on life, growth, challenges, and potential are both carried and delivered in a way that is light and playful yet profoundly life changing. This combination of playfulness and deep wisdom and care is wonderful to witness and a delight to experience."

Bentley Kalaway
Singer/Songwriter, Feminine Power Coach/Facilitator

Those of us who hold sacred space for others know how essential it is to stay centered, grounded, and present in the moment.

We know how powerful our thoughts, words, and intentions are. We are aware of the influence we have on others. 


Now more than ever, it is vital for us to flourish and thrive. For us to live, love and contribute with purpose by simply being ourselves.

Our presence is the medicine our clients are seeking.

We know that life is always changing. And we are growing and evolving.


Because you are serving the community as a self-actualizing, awakening woman, you may be noticing your life changing right before your eyes.


Your clients and loved ones need you to be as healthy as possible while you are caring for them and navigating your own internal mysterious transformations.

You are a central pillar and a cyclical, changing woman.

“The psyches and souls of women have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul-place.” 

―Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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Why Monday?


Why Qigong?

What is Qigong?


Qi means life force, and Gong means skill. So Qigong is skillfully working with life force energy. Qigong emerged from the Tao, is rooted in ancient Taoist shamanism, and is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Practicing Qigong connects you to the abundant life force energy all around you and within you. 


This journey offers you a resting place and a recharging station for you to stay connected to all your resources during times of transition and change.

Benefits of Qigong

To list some of the benefits of Qigong does not do the art justice, but I'll try:

  • Feeling at home and safe in your body

  • Improved sleep, immune function, mood, and cognitive function

  • Improves bone density, heart health, blood pressure, and balances hormones

  • Honoring the Second Spring that accompanies Perimenopause and Menopause

  • Feeling connected and belonging in this vast universe

  • Develop the capacity to hold sacred space for others and yourself

  • More energy and less stress

  • More calm, peace, and harmony

  • Cleansing and clearing other people's energy out of our energetic field

  • Practical self-care for mind, body, and spirit

  • Feeling connected to nature as your extended body

  • Feeling healthy and in the flow of life

  • Emotional support to clear, cleanse, and release stuck emotions

  • Enhances feelings of love, joy, and ecstasy

  • Feeling grounded, balanced, graceful, confident, and generous

  • Enhanced ability to cope with change and to flow through the seasons of life

  • Deeper spiritual connection and a path of enlightenment

  • Enhanced clarity, awareness, and discernment

  • Safe expression of sensual and sexual energy 

  • A portal into your inner temple

  • A portal into your womb space

  • Offers access to the quantum field and life force energy

  • Broadens your capacity to hold the paradox and opposite energies

  • Offers skills to wield the right use of power

  • Reveals how necessary softness, gentle, slow, smooth energy is in our lives

  • Healing, restoring, and regenerating

  • Connects you to the earth and sky as a gateway of the divine-human

  • An effective manifestation tool to bring your heart's desires into form

  • Transforming the formless into form and transforming the form into formless

  • An internal alchemical art of physical and spiritual refinement

  • So much more!

Can you see how the gentle practice of Qigong supports you and those you serve to flourish?

Qigong is a dynamic, ancient Taoist, Buddhist, and shamanic energy work and healing practice rooted in the natural and cosmic world. Practicing Qigong is just as relevant and healing today as it was in ancient times, if not even more so. 


The ancient qigong practitioners lived in harmony with nature and in sacred ceremonies and rituals.


That was their way of life, all they knew. 

Our goal is not to go back to how it was. Nor to glorify the past. Rather to learn from the ancient practice and our ancestors as wisdom teachers. So we can live and flourish as modern women connected with nature, facing current realities and wielding modern power as love in our world.

It is true that many people living today are going through the motions and are not as consciously connected to life force energy and are removed from the natural cycles of their souls and the seasons of nature, leaving them with an empty isolating feeling of disconnection and wanting more out of life.

Can you relate? 


Why Now?

Life as we know is swiftly changing!


We are evolving.


We are at a threshold of choice.


We are at a point in our life where we know our full participation, presence, and love is required for our own personal healing, for our family, our lineage, our clients, and for all beings on the planet.

This requires us to be connected to all our sources.


Connect To All Your Sources and Flourish

I define health as a feeling of connection and illness or disease as a feeling of being disconnected from all your sources.

Trees can live a very long time when they are connected to all their sources. 

Like the trees, we stand between earth and sky. We need deep roots in fertile, rich soil. Connected to the earth, our ancestors, and the other beings in our lives.

We need enough space for our branches to extend and express themselves and the ability to share our fruits as gifts, skills, and talents with others.


We need a strong inner core of self knowing so that when the wind blows (stress), we are both flexible and strong enough to move with the wind and not get swept away or broken down.


We need a connection with the healing waters of life to flow to and through us to remain fresh, responsive, and resourced.


We need the luminous Sunlight to shine on and in us, activating our inner radiance of our divine essence and the remembrance of our true nature.

This is a path of standing between earth and sky.  We are the divine-human remembering our wholeness and essence in communion with nature.

White Craine.png
The Journey

The Journey

Element (1).png

Where are we going?

As a sisterhood, we are simultaneously tending our life garden and traveling with the Tao, the path of the sun around the medicine wheel of the year.


We begin our journey by meeting The Alchemist in Autumn when the veils are thin, with the Metal element and the White Crane. 

We start here because it is the time of the great reveal and release. Beginning this grand adventure with support and an empty cup provides us with the foundation and spaciousness to transform.

From there, we spiral into the still dark Waters of Winter to meet The Philosopher and The Deer. 

Here, we soften into the stillness of the pause. The space in between. The empty/full womb of the great mother with our ancestors. In the nourishing darkness, a seed is formed.


Soon, as Pioneers, we spiral out into the beauty of Spring and meet The Tiger and Dragon.

In spring, like Wood, we are reborn, and our energy grows and expands. We emerge out of the darkness with our vision and our sacred service and contributions. We are ready to set intentions and manifest our heart's desires. 

Before you know it, the softness and newness of spring mature into Summer Fire. Now you are ready to meet The Wizard and the joyful Monkey.


As the fire burns down into ashes, we settle into the Earth and the season of Late Summer to meet The Peacekeeper and The Bear.

Here, we enter the season of harvest and integration. This is the time to ground, regroup, restore, and recuperate. Here, we sift and sort through all our experiences of the entire journey to find the treasures hidden within.


Our journey completes near the Autumn Equinox because now your next steps are clear.

How is This a Co-Creative Experience?


To me, I feel Qigong is the essence of life, the art of living and feeling into my body temple, the art of flow and feeling into the life-given force of the cosmic energy that's everything and everywhere both inside me and outside me. To tap into this palpable form of force is the very key of better understanding myself and better embodying into my own true sense of the self, as well as finding the sense of homeness and wholeness with all sentient beings on earth. I'm truly grateful for the amazing Qigong journeys that you have guided me through and that we have been walking and journeying together. Sending you oceans of love & hugs!

- Daisy Ting Du

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Along the way...

You will befriend great teachers in the form of archetypes, spirit animals, natural elements, colors, healing sounds, power postures, qigong flows, vibrations, emotions, internal organs, seasons, plants, moon phases, soul sisters, menstrual cycles, and most importantly, you'll deeply connect with the teacher within.


What to expect...

From a Qigong perspective, there are 5 seasons. During each season, we will have an 8-week practice session followed by a 2-week integration period.

Each new session is honored and acknowledged with a sister circle.

During our sister circle, we will deepen our connection with each other, set our intentions for the season, and go on a guided meditation to meet the archetype, season, and spirit animal that we are developing a relationship with.

For the next 7 weeks in that season, we will practice qigong practices, forms, and movements to fully immerse ourselves with the frequency of that season. 

The last session of each season we will complete by fully embodying the spirit animal of that season and a closing ceremony to honor and harvest experiences.

After our two-week integration, we will continue to dance on the spiral of the medicine wheel until we arrive at the center.


The two weeks of integration are for self-practice and rest. This is a powerful journey that requires the spaciousness to fully receive the medicine of each season. Qigong teaches us how to integrate as we go. 

Are you ready to be a living sanctuary and choose this sacred journey? 


This journey of gentle Qigong movement is for you if:

  • Hold space for others and are ready to commit to holding space for yourself, too.

  • You are sharing your gifts with the world and need healthy boundaries.

  • You have a tendency to overgive and feel depleted afterward.

  • You are ready to be connected, nourished, and fully resourced so you can contribute more.

  • Are committed to honoring your body as you age and navigate change.

  • You are ready to be immersed in sacred sisterhood.

  • You are seeking a simple and spiritual path to live awake.

  • You are ready to learn from spirit animals and archetypes.

  • You are resourced spiritually, mentally, and financially.

  • Willing to enter into the mystery of the unknown and trust the process to unfold.

  •  You want to deepen with the moon phases, the natural seasons, and the cycles of life.

  • You are ready to embody your love and power.

  • You are called to deep transformative work.

  • You are willing to love your light and your shadow.

  • You desire healthy structures and grounded daily practices to support you in living life on your terms.

  • You feel alone sometimes and get confused during powerful life transitions, and you welcome support in these times.

  • You are ready to remove the hidden blocks that have been holding you back, keeping you small and not fully expressing yourself.

If you feel like this journey is calling you, I am extending out my hand, inviting you to join us as we walk the path in harmony together. 


This is an embodied path of love, emergence, and awakening.

What Does Living Awake Mean?

The Sacred Journey

  • Opening  Ceremony

  • Sacred Agreements

  • Seed Intention

  • Archetype Quiz

  • Oct 30th, 2023

All Seasons Qigong.png


The Great Reveal & Release

Guardian Qi

  • Session 1 Autumn

  • Metal

  • Lungs/Large Intestine

  • Alchemist

  • White Crane

  • Grief/Inspiration

  • For Breath & Immune

  • Buddha Palm



Generating Abundance Intention Setting

  • Session 3 Spring

  • Wood

  • Liver/Gall Bladder

  • Pioneer

  • Tiger

  • Anger/Kindness

  • Stress Relief/ Longevity

  • Swimming Dragon



Ground and Recuperate

Harvest your Golden Elixir

  • Session 5 Late Summer

  • Earth

  • Spleen/Stomach

  • Peace Maker

  • Bear

  • Worry/Courage

  • Healthy Digestion

  • Five Element Qigong



  • We journey as a sisterhood.

  • Sister circles

  • Private group chat

  • Integration

  • Connection



In Stillness a Seed is Planted

Deep Yin Essence

  • Session 2 Winter

  • Water

  • Kidney/Bladder

  • Philosopher

  • Deer

  • Fear/Trust

  • Healthy Low Back

  • Bone Marrow Washing and Tao Te Ching



Passion Heart's Desires & Sexual Alchemy

  • Session 4 Summer

  • Fire

  • Heart/Small Intestine

  • Wizard

  • Ape

  • Apathy/Love

  • A Healthy Heart

  • Three Treasures


Closing Ceremony

  • Closing Ceremony

  • Full Attunement

  • Celebrations

  • Next Steps



"Maria is full of embodied feminine wisdom to share! I’ve been acquainted with her for many years, love her herbal offerings, and am so glad that she is now teaching Qi Gong. Qi Gong has long been a favorite of mine, and I’ve enjoyed many classes from different teachers. In Maria’s classes, I'm always pleased and enriched by her unique and heartfelt ways of sharing this ancient form of healing. Thank you, Maria, you bring a new life to this practice!" 

Barbara Hannelore
Author, Artist, Mentor

Dear sister,

Please know that, yes, you are going to learn a lot about Qigong, how energy moves, and how to skillfully cleanse, circulate, cultivate, and store energy so you can flourish in all areas of your life, personally and professionally.


Expect to experience shifts in your health, relationships, sense of purpose, spiritual practice, confidence, prosperity, and meaningful connection with others. 


It is important to me that you know this is not a class. You will want your journal with you, but you don't need to take notes. You are not going to be tested, there is no certification, and there is nowhere for you to arrive... except your own harmonized center.

The journey is the experience! 

I am a guide and will transmit the experience rather than "teach" it. 

The truth is that this is a very simple path.

It is a path of sisterhood, cyclical change, and embodied sage wisdom that keeps you in your center, connected to all your sources, as you remember your essence and wholeness so you can trust your internal navigation system to lead you home to yourself.

Your soul and the Qi are your greatest teachers.

I am here to hold the container and guide you to and through a soul polishing and alchemical process as you live fully in your body and awaken to yourself, love, power, and truth.


"The sheer magic of the alchemical container held us all safely and with clarity whilst the transformational work happened. Maria is very skilled at holding space and creating meditations and practices that genuinely create change in the body, mind, emotions, and group dynamic."

-Sarah-Jayne Garner

This journey is designed to be simple and supportive of your other practices, work schedule, and sacred offerings that you are already committed to.

What's Included...

In this journey, you will receive in total:​

  • 35 (in total) live weekly Qigong practices (90 min-2 hr) that honor the seasons 

    • Each season starts with an opening and closing ceremony​

  • A thriving sisterhood- A private group for connection and support

  • Integration sessions between each season

  • Total Value ($4,000)


  • Dedicated Learning Portal

  • 1 herbal remedy of your choice from the apothecary ($25)(pay for shipping)

  • A Primer on Qigong Ebook ($20 value)

  • Free admission to all drop-in Qigong sessions ($25 value per session)

  • Recorded meditations, PDFs, and audio as they are created.

  • 25% off all Path with Harmony offerings during our journey



All sessions are on Monday, 5 pm PST, 7 pm CST, or 8 pm EST.

Session 1 Autumn for Better Breathing and Strong Immunity (Buddha Palm)

October 30, 2022- December 18, 2023 (Begin on Samhain- Complete at Winter Solstice)

Integration 2 weeks

Session 2 Winter for the Low Back (Bone Marrow Washing and Tao Te Ching)

January 8, 2024- February 26, 2024 (Celebrate Lunar New Year & Imbolc)

Integration 2 weeks

Session 3 Spring for a Balanced Nervous System and Longevity (Swimming Dragon)

March 18, 2024- May 6, 2024 (Celebrate Spring Equinox & Beltane)

Integration 2 weeks

Session 4 Summer for a Healthy Heart (Three Treasures)

May 27, 2024- July 15, 2024 (Celebrate Summer Solstice and Lammas)

Integration 2 weeks

Session 5 Late Summer for Better Digestion (Five Element Qigong)

August 5, 2024- September 23, 2023 (Lions Gate Portal Closing the week of the Autumn Equinox)



The Sacred Journey -Qigong for the Awakening Woman is a live 11-month online group journey held in a potent and loving alchemical sanctuary that is your weekly recharging station for you to rest, release, and prepare for your week ahead.


During our time together:


  • As a sisterhood, we will clear, circulate, cultivate and store life force energy by practicing gentle, potent Qigong movements. 

  • This is a nourishing and embodied shamanic movement practice that supports you as you awaken, emerge, and stand in your radiance and truth so you can share yourself with others without being depleted.

  • You will embody your feminine power, deepen your intuitive wisdom, remove false identities that are creating confusion, improve your relationship with yourself, manifest your heart’s desires, and magnetize support from others.

  • On this path of initiation, you will be challenged, opened, changed, and blessed. Transformation and birth are arduous and dismantling, and this path leads through joy, sorrow, and ultimately to your wholeness as a divine-human standing between earth and sky. 

Guided by Maria Chowdhury

Midwife, Qigong Practitioner, and Temple Guide


My twenty years as a homebirth midwife, herbalist, meditator, and martial artist has prepared me to hold potent medicine and sacred space. 


Currently, I midwife spiritual women in the midst of powerful life transitions and support them to navigate the trail ahead to stay aligned with their essence and connect to their power even in times of uncertainty and confusion.

As a temple guide, I hold sacred space for the extraordinary and arduous experience of birth and transformation to unfold safely and organically.


During this journey, I’m bringing forth the teachings of my mentor Teresa Elder who taught me how to “be” a midwife with a smile and light heart full of humor. 


My mentor, Dr. Claire Zammit, who taught me the Feminine Power framework, and Elayne Kalila of Priestess Presence, showed me how to walk as a temple guide in the modern world. 


Finally, my beloved taiji and qigong teachers from YMAA who taught me the art and practice of Medical Qigong. And Holden Qigong for teaching me The Five Elements, Buddha Palm, Swimming Dragon, and Taoist cosmology.

The Path with Harmony sanctuary is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and is directly on the Trail of Tears that the Cherokee walked.  


My daily hikes are on the earth path of Mount Kessler, the ancestral lands of the Caddo and Osage peoples, and I intend to honor them, their sacred lands, and medicine.

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Blessings from The I Ching and My Teacher


Apply and Schedule Your Clarity Call

This is not simply a course that you sign up for. Because this is such an intimate and transformative journey that requires a year of commitment, I ask everyone to apply. Please understand that now might not be the right time for everyone who applies.

I'd love to visit with every sister embarking on the sacred journey before we begin.

I have cleared my schedule for us to explore what your needs and intentions are at this moment and to confirm that this is the right time for you.

  • Clarity Call

    Discover if this year long program is right for you!
    Free Plan

Heart Contributions

Early Bird Price

$200 off until October 14th, 2023
Use Code: EARLYBIRD at check out.

  • 5 Payment Plan- Year Long Journey

    Every 10 weeks
    Valid for 50 weeks
  • One Payment - Year Long Journey

    Valid for 12 months

Optional Upgrades

Optional Add Ons

  • 1-1 Coaching

    6 bi weekly sessions for 3 months
    Valid for 3 months


We don't simply do this just for ourselves. We come together to improve our lives and contribute to the well-being of the whole.


Because we are learning from the spirit of the tigers, bears, birds, deer, turtles, and monkeys, we are happily donating 10% of all the profits go to Turpinetine Creek Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.



The Path with Harmony is dedicated to sharing the art and practice of Qigong with women from all walks of life around the world. 

We can all benefit from this practice, and we want to make it available to as many sisters as possible. We are committed to uplifting and amplifying our BIPOC and other marginalized sisters. Your voice, your ancestry, your divergence, and your presence matters.

We know that the work of dismantling patriarchy of all types includes addressing financial inequities caused, in part, by generations of racialized resource theft, racial bias in public policies, and reduced access to resources for women.  So I’ve created a limited number of partial scholarships specifically for BIPOC and other marginalized women who could benefit from this; we’re overjoyed that you’re applying.


"I see how much I need this work!  I loved coming together with other women and seeing how they are dealing with everything.

Maria's reassuring voice and clear intent made me feel safe."

-Emily Harper


Some common FAQs:


  • What is Qigong? Pronounced Chi gong. Qi, mean’s life force energy. Gong means work. Simply put, Qigong is energy work to cultivate life force energy. In this journey, you will learn simple yet powerful Qigong movements that will support you in embodying the transformational shifts that you are experiencing throughout the seasons.

  • Do you have a payment plan? Yes, you can pay all at once or pay monthly payments.

  • What happens to my $200 application fee? Great question! If we decide after our clarity call that now is not the right time for you to join, I will refund you the $200.  However, if we decide that yes, now is the perfect time for you to join, the $200 will be applied to your tuition.

  • Why is there an application? Due to the intimate and transformational nature of this journey, I want to ensure the synergy of all participants and that we are all fully on board with the initiations that are about to unfold.


  • Is there a replay of every session? Yes, every session is recorded, and your learning portal will be updated with the replay link within 72 hours of the live session. And you are a vital member of this sisterhood. Your full presence and participation are welcomed and encouraged.


  • Refund policy: If you are not satisfied after the second session (October 31st), you will receive a refund. Please email me so we can discuss this as soon as possible. I will maintain the deposit of $250.


  • The time commitment is up to 2 hours of Live Circles per week.  The BONUS Live Qigong Sessions on Tuesday are also 90 minutes. Remember that the bonuses are optional and are recorded. You can watch the replay on your schedule.


  • Is there a scholarship? There are a limited number of partial scholarships available. When applying for the journey, add a video or message explaining why you would benefit and need this scholarship. 


Qigong for the Awakening Woman is an initiatory process for spiritual awareness and awakening. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders or medical conditions. If you have any mental or physical health issues, please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program. This is primarily a standing practice. You will get the most benefit from this practice if you can practice standing rather than seated.


This initiation requires breaking through old patterns and ways of being – an initiatory process that can feel uncomfortable. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional), is rigorous, and not for those who suffer from mental disabilities, depression, have suicidal episodes, or are presently in therapy.


Each initiate is responsible for their own actions and boundaries. Path with Harmony/ Qigong for the Awakening Woman and focalizer Maria Chowdhury is not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Initiates must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith. Initiates must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field. All such training is provided in good faith to the highest known safety standards or perceived practices within this discipline.

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