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The Symbolic White Crane and Soft White Crane Qigong

white crane qigong

In this post, we are honored to meet the beautiful master teacher, the elegant and patient white crane.

Feel free to read or listen to this teaching.

white crane qigong

The white crane is all about longevity, internal power, grace, and fluidity. This practice helps us replenish, rejuvenate, power up, and heal.

Here at Path with Harmony, we are being introduced and just beginning to practice the soft white crane style, which is a very old and elaborate style of qigong. There is a hard Kungful style of white crane, and the masters would beat themselves up with the Kungfu and then come to the qigong soft internal style to recover and heal.

The White Crane Represents:

  • Good wishes and provides a way for you to put your prayers, intentions, and blessings out into the universe.

  • Abundance and is the prince or princess of all flying creatures

  • Historically, the crane represented class, rank, and wealth. The high-ranking officials had the crane embordered onto their robes and garments.

  • Good fortune, blessings, and supports you to accomplish your goals.

  • White is the color of divinity and purity.

  • Long life- Cranes can live up to 40 years in the wild and 75 years in captivity

  • Love, they mate for life and have elaborate mating dances.

  • Loyalty, beauty, grace, elegance, and supports you to move through life with elegance.

white crane qigong

  • -Patience the crane helps you live in the flux of life and move gracefully through transitions.

  • Stillness and patience, they can stand on one leg for 5 hours. They can sleep standing up. They teach us to engage the structural muscles while relaxing the rest of the body so they have strength and relaxation plus structure and flow.

  • Powerful flyers. They can fly 500 miles in a day! They don't always fly long distances. Once they find a spot, they like they stay a long time. But when and if they need to fly, they can go far.

  • The life lesson is to show up and put out the energy of what you want and share it with others. For example, if you want more friends, be friendly.

  • Vision, clarity, and perspective- Let's hold the vision of humanity living in harmony in peace, love, longevity, health, and vitality.

  • Changing perspective or higher perspective and the ability to expand your horizons. In the water, on a branch, in the sky, or on the earth, when we change our perspective, we are spacious and can see life from another person's point of view. We see solutions, or we show up with more compassion.

  • Push past limits and self-imposed boundaries. Supporting you to break through and get out of the box, dip into the unknown, and come back to your comfortable branch with new insights to share.

  • Like the path of the bird, your path is invisible. Draw on connection to community and individuality, calling on what you need. Yet sometimes, you must fly away from the flock to see yourself and then return with a new perspective and relationships.

The metal helps us be clear, and in a field of all possibilities, it can be confusing. Just like when a bird is confused, they fly in circles, not getting anywhere. We, too, need clear direction and a clear path.

The crane helps us get a clear path to what we want. It helps us with a clear yes and a clear no.

Can you see how the white crane can support you in your life?

If you would like to learn some of the healing white crane practice and other qigong flows and standing postures, join our instant access Autumn Qigong program today!

white crane qigong

I look forward to practicing with you.

Hugs and deep bows of love and gratitude to you and your practice,



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